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Chris Ruth


What we ordered:
-Spicy lobster appetizer
-T bone steak
-two petite steak with shirmps
-cremini mushrooms

This is the most expensive steak I have every bought to date. Fifty-seven dollars man. But I would have to say, it might be the most memorable steak and dining experience I have yet to encountered.

It was also the first time I made reservations to dine out.

Let’s start with the service. We were greeted warmly from the hostess to our server to our server’s assistant. Everyone was kind, full of smiles and professional. Possibly the best service I have received in Fresno.

It was our anniversary (five years) so we thought we should celebrate and it seemed like the other patrons were also either there for an anniversary or birthday.

Our server explained to us on what made Chris Ruth steaks special. They only use Prime grade steak, the stuff I can’t afford to buy on a daily basis. She also explained that the cows were corn-feed. That was off putting to me, as cows naturally feed on grass. So grass-fed meat would have been more impressive, but hey, she’s a hostess, not a butcher, and that’s probably what they trained her to describe.

She also explained that the their oven is hot. Like hell-fire hot, something like a thousand degree hot so it can seared the sh*t out of the steak, keeping all that juicy-bloody-goodness intact. The plates that the steaks were served on were also hot, about four hundred degrees. Don’t touch unless you intended to dine on your own crispy fingers as appetizers.

The lobster appetizer was damn worth the twenty dollars I spent on it. It’s not large, only enough for possibly six small bites, but it’s quality here, not stuff-your-face-silly buffet. It filled with lobster pieces, deep fried to a crisp and tossed in a spicy mayo-ish sauce. I would recommend and would love to have some more.

The side that we chose was the cremini mushroom. Very hearty and rich. I detected butter, white wine and something a bit more savory, possible a touch of soy or Worcestershire sauce? The portion of the shrooms were more than enough for two. And because it was so rich, the couple final bites was a bit harder to swallow.

Now, for the steaks. The T-bone was cooked exactly as ordered, medium. I was advised that because the plate was so hot, the meat will continue to cook as we eat. That did happen, but it didn’t affect the wellness of the meat. It pretty much stayed medium the whole time.

As I pushed and pulled the knife into the steak, blood/juices would oozed out and sizzle onto the hot plate. I dabbed the meat with its sauce before delivering it into my orifice of pleasure: the steak was- and I know it’s a simple word, but sometimes the most direct way is the best way–f*cking good.

I don’t think I’ve had the chance to ingest prime, high grade beef. It tasted a  little different more earthy.   I can’t help but think what a kobe or wagyu beef would taste like.

There’s a documentary on steaks on Netflix, I don’t remember the name but I recommend anyone that’s interested in eating steaks to watch.

I’ve been to two other steakhouse in Fresno: Texas Roundhouse and Cool Hand Luke’s. The memory of this steak from Chris Ruth outweighs the other two.

I recommend that anyone looking to celebrate and willing to fork up the moola, to try Chris Ruth. Just once. It’s a real experience from the service, the food, the décor: you start to think to yourself, “Damn, is this what it’s like to be rich?” The meal cost us about $180.00.

Will I be returning anytime soon? I think not, unless my hourly wage was to jump by two hundred percent. But will I be forgetting the taste of the that steak anytime soon? Oh no.

I don’t give out anything higher than a 3 on Yelp, and there’s a reason for that. If a business is only average, a 3 is suffice. To be a 4, means the food, the service, the overall experience must have touched me on a level that’s well above average. Chris Ruth is worth a 4. And if you’re wondering what a 5 would be like for me, I would have to experience death and rebirth for a 5: it’s gotta be life changing. Maybe you think my standards are high, but hey ,we shouldn’t lower our standards just because everyone else does.

Best steak I’ve had in life as of now…looking to try Fleming next, just for comparison.


House of Kabob.

What we ordered:
-Baba ganoush
-Lula Bowl
-Combo dinner plate with beef, shish, and lula

Who doesn’t like some meat on at stick? Who!

Our go to place for Meditterenean food used to be Diana’s next to Edo-Ya. But my baby suggest we try House of Kabob, and it’s good! Still yearning some more baba ganoush as I am typing.

We enter and were promptly seated. The wait staff was friendly but what matters most is the food, so let’s get to it.

Once our order was taken, a hefty serving of hummus was brought out with some fried pita chips. We ordered baba ganoush not knowing that hummus was complimentary. We were almost half way from eating those two alone.

The baba ganoush was beyond any dip I’ve tried. The texture was pleasing to mouth, and keep it’s place on the pita bread. I couldn’t believe that something devoid of any living being can taste so wonderful.

As I continued to gorge on these appetizers, a fatoush salad came out. Again, the serving is huge and not all that bad. I usually steer clear of any salad, and if I do have to consume any, will do so at a minimal, but their salad was worth my carnivorous appetite.

Then finally, the main event, the meat on a sticks with rice pilaf. I think I was a bit too full to fully appreciate what was before. All of I can remember thinking was: “Why do I have to have such a small stomach?” The lula was my favorite. It beat the shish and beef. What I like most about the lula was it’s texture. The shish and beef and get a little tougher when but the lula—being that it’s mince up meat—was always tender and I think, also more flavorful.

I still want to return to get buy some baba ganoush for my family to try. Perhaps I will one day when I am not too busy and not too full from stuffing my face.


Noodle Q.

Noodle Q

What we ordered:
-Beef Roll
-Szechuan Beef Noodles (Wide noodles)
-Regular beef noodles. ( Thin Noodles)

It’s impossible to think of any Asian food culture that’s devoid of noodles and the Chinese are no exception.

The noodles serve here are made to order and are fresh. You can see chef make the noodles through a window into their kitchen. That in itself made the trip worthy.

Now, Fresno has quite a bit of Cantonese restaurants (Imperial and Four Seasons) some Hunan and Szechuan (Hunan and Tsing Tao) but not yet one that can be called Taiwanese. Noodle Q is just that. I know that Hunan on Cedar and Shaw provides some Taiwanese dishes (like the green onion pancake, and the beef stew noodle) but the majority of dishes served at Noodle Q are Taiwanese.

Back when I was young, ignorant, pompous and have yet to acquired a palette for the subtle flavors that food has to offer, I actually tried some Taiwanese beef noodles. I remember being unimpressed. All I can think of was how bland it was, how the noodle were thick, flavorless, and under-cooked. The meager protein that was provided did not meet my carnivorous needs. I thought to myself, I rather get a bowl of pho any day. But that opinion is no longer valid and Noodle Q showed me the way.

Maybe it really is all in the noodles. I had the wide noodles and there’s a certain al dente aspect that was reminiscent of the homemade pasta I made months ago. There’s a certain bite to them that’s hard to explain. What can be said of them is that you can’t stop eating them. Good thing the servings are generous.

My Szechuan soup I am afraid was not as tasty as the regular beef soup. What made the Szechuan soup different from the regular beef is the addition of the Szechuan Chili oil. The special ingredient in the chili oil is the Szechuan peppercorn (supposedly back in the days, you can only get these peppercorns in Szechuan). The only downside to this peppercorn is that it gives a numbing effect to the mouth. The soup isn’t so much spicy as it is more of an anesthesia. If you’re into that kinda sensation go for it. As I am a bit of a masochist, I enjoy pain, but numbing, not so much.

I regret not ordering the regular beef soup because that was fantastic. The soup had a deep and hearty taste. It tasted as if a lot of care, a lot of time, basically a lot of love went into this soup making. Definitely recommended for everyone.

The beef roll was huge. It was also tasty but a little more on the green healthy end, not as much protein as I envisioned. Easily that appetizer could have served 3 people.

This is a unique eatery for Fresno. Everyone should give this place a try. At least once. I am looking to return and try some of their other appetizers and another bowl of noodles.